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LightningXI inspired me to start this thread. I'm starting a Sodiecaps media thread since it appears they don't have one! Sodiecaps is a team of 2 - Sorachi.Ace doing the sculpting and Sodiepops doing the casting. Sorachi is a detail guy with his sculpts, and Sodie is a wizard with resin.

Handy Links:
Website (there might be caps for sale!):
Keycap Archivist Catalog:
Artisan Collector Profile:

Here's some cool pictures I've taken of my Sodiecaps!

Monochrome good.

The U9/L9 match is damn near spot on in person. Wish I knew how to take pictures :( Looks really good on a board!

Holographic flakes play really nicely with light and a macro lens.



The beige is incredible.

The infinity stones... with one Fubsy to rule them all
One from every coldcast I think. I'm still on the lookout for a darkling Jamjams for a complete family but this makes me happy :D


--- Quote from: paperassgasket on Wed, 17 May 2023, 20:07:02 ---
The beige is incredible.

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Lookin’ good! Among good company


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