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--- Quote from: ankit on Fri, 27 October 2023, 01:02:21 ---got some copium for not being able to find a 300bn :p

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and how my current hhkb collection looks
ignore the lack of resin, i'm working on it

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--- End quote ---

Great lineup! Yellowed pro 1 is lovely (I very much have a soft spot for yellowed cases).

got no pics to post cuz im on my school laptop rn, but do u guys have any suggestions for how often to take off the caps on my Hybrid Type-S and dust it off?

Amano Studio (kiko) was super kind to offer to cast a close-match 7u for my "RF84ub" with 10th anniversary edition keycaps.

It's finally how I've always wanted it to be  ;D

school laptop camera pic  :thumb:

Just got my R3S yesterday. Opened it up today and using it non-stop. I wonder if they will be releasing aluminum cases for the full size in the future


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