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Unusual TG-3 keyboard on Ebay - Sold, and an update

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Just an update for anyone who's interested. All those extra keys send some really odd codes (actually key combinations) but it's now working great with an internal Teensy & Soarer's converter. All of the keycaps are dyesub PBT in Cherry profile. Cherry MX black switches & every stabilized switch is an MX linear grey. Cherry stabs and 2 key rollover. Also interesting is that although it is plate mount the plate stops just above the double row of keys so that cluster of four switches in the top right corner are PCB mount. I'd recommend anyone to buy one if another turns up on Ebay.  The auction link in the OP might go away so here's a photo from the listing. This is what to look for:

Sounds awesome! Great buy and I'm pretty jealous.

Wow. Really sad I missed this. Will definitely keep an eye out for one in the future.

Nice, Tactile! Entirely reasonable price for such a seldom-seen board, too. I understand why it was so hard to resist.

There is another of these for sale now.


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