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dune, the third time at this point :D also been picking up some christian literature lately (don't judge)


Chainsaw man by Tatsuki Fujimoto I guess. It's hard for me read so I mostly just read manga because there is a more visual element to it (I can't picture things in my mind so manga helps me picture something a lot better as well). The new chapters are kinda slow at the moment but still really like it and looking forward to what happens with all of this buildup with the weapons trying to kill everyone or something. Need more asa too, one of my favourite characters in the whole series

I tried reading the hobbit a while ago and while I did enjoy reading it, just haven't had the commitment to sit down and finish the whole book. Maybe one day I'll go back and finish reading it, I know how important reading is and my younger self used to obsess with reading so maybe I could get back into reading.

highly doubt that it took Pirsig 4 years to write less than 94 words


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