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What is the best free easy VPN ?

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Protonmail has a "free" VPN service when you have an email address with them. Keeping in mind there are only 3 locations available with the free version.
I think they are still, Japan, USA, Netherlands.

To get around the bans, you need to install a VPN service. I really liked the VeePN service, try this out . You can download this program from their official website. It won't be too hard for you. On the site, you can also buy a premium account, rate the app, add countries to your favorites, read extended instructions, and set up vibration. Good luck and have a nice day!

Proton vpn is free and is decent. There are some downsides that being it limits your connection sometimes, only has 3 places to connect to and may sell your data. I've used it on Manjaro linux and it works fine.

I recommend - it's almost free at $2.49/month (24 month deal).
It's useful for streaming from geographically restricted locations/services.
Useful, collect :D

A) you usually lose some bandwidth with a VPN, and get increased latency.  Not usually enough to be a deal-breaker, but it can be annoying if you're already on a slow connection.

B) some ISPs block known VPN addresses; if your ISP does, you can't get to your VPN.

C) some web sites - generally, large commercial ones - don't accept connections from known VPN nodes.  They usually like to send you a nasty message implying you're a scumbag stealing the bread from their children's mouths.

VPNs can be useful, but unless you have a specific need for one, they're a lot of hassle.


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