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[GB] Fossil Full Size Keyboard - Made in USA - GB ENDS AFTER 2/3/23

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Fossil Full Size - Made in USA

Carolina Mech + Van Dusen

After the success of Palmetto 60, our next project is a custom full sized keyboard. Designed and manufactured by Van Dusen.

Group buy runs from January 13th through February 3rd 2023. FCFS, reasonable human limit considered. Estimated shipping in 6 months or less.

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Carnivore weight, bronze cerakote.

Blue Titanium WK F12

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top options, both have 4 media keys above numpad:
F12 WK

the colors:
black, black cherry, bronze, blue titanium h-series cerakote
raw unfinished (machine marks etc may be visible - good choice if you want to do 3rd party coating or anodizing)

carnivore (designed by u/ocm)

herbivore weight, black cherry cerakote

blue titanium f13 wkl

- hiney pcb, via, f12 and f13 compatible, solder or hotswap
- grommet mount
- usb-c daughterboard
- ALPS support
- 7 degree typing angle
- 17.5mm front height
- 2.44 kg / 5.6 lb
- kit comes with aluminum full plate.
- raw beadblasted weight
- plate supports split right shift, iso, split left shift, split bs
- price: $666 + shipping (usps domestic, dhl or ups worldwide) (raw kit without pcb is $570)

plates: half and full aluminum $50/$55, fr4 $30, and carbon fiber $50
extra weights $89
add on weight bluing and clear coat $30
extra pcb $56 solder $60 hot swap

layout for solder and hot swap pcb

exploded view

side view

grommet rubber mount

full plate

half plate

typing tests by u/Hedgey:

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Do you have a chart of the layouts supported by the soldered and hotswap PCBs?

looks awesome!

 :thumb: :thumb:


--- Quote from: NoPunIn10Did on Fri, 13 January 2023, 10:39:00 ---Do you have a chart of the layouts supported by the soldered and hotswap PCBs?

--- End quote ---

I'll try and get that together for the hot swap pcb from hiney.

for solder: ISO, split right and split left shift, split backspace, 6.25u and 7u bottom row


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