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Price Check- What's it Worth?

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Hi everyone. I have a Matrix 2.0 Add X-Mas CWKL Flash White, in flawless condition. Comes with with black cherry pie switches.

How much do you think I can sell it for? Thanks!

hi all, need some valuation here.

after some cleaning up, I have found the following worth mentioning:

* NCR 3299-K420-V002 ok condition, few marks on the case and for some reason key 6^ is super yellowed, rest of the keys are still mint white. Probably whoever i bought it from lost 6^ and put a random one there. looks like this

* G80-3190HPG / 00 New in Box with manuals Looks like this

* G80-1191HBU red TANDEM logo 1series, fairly clean condition, keycaps aren't yellowed much. you may find pictures here but mine is US layout, with windowed 2shot cap/num lock/scroll lock.

* G80-3700HQUAS / 05 number pad, very mint, except missing a plastic cover on ESC

* G80-3234HQU / 00 Reuters logo (old style no blue/yellow logo) 3series, very mint, all caps are fairly not yellowed. looks like this

* Reuters big G80-9009HAU / 02
* Reuters D3D-KB
* Reuters kmd3 Break out box & PSUI am pretty sure i have the D3-KP somewhere as well,  as a full complete set, no cables included. Took me a long time to collect each component but never actually looked into powering them up


those are the ones I have on hand and willing to apart with. For now I just need some evaluation. thx!

i can't remember where these caps come from. how much are those nowadays? the full set is very yellowed though.


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