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All admins, mods, keepers of the faith have permission to do whatever.
With this in mind I would love to eventually have this moved into a wiki structure and then this a sticky stub for the wiki page.
Then the community can add/remove/update themselves.

I have created a wiki page for Keyboard Modification Services as the first page to recreated this in a structured manageable fashion in the wiki.

Please have a look at this page and provide feedback here.

Hey, I realized I'd never posted to this thread and probably ought to  :thumb:

I make custom leather wrist rests here:

I am also happy to do custom leatherworking for Geekhack members.

Located in Canada, but ship worldwide.

cool I will add this to the op and the wiki!

ok Custom_Wrist_Rest_Services added to the wiki and OP.
soon the wiki will have links from the main wiki to each of the subpages and that will make most of the info in the OP unneeded.


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