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toxic bro bot set rules

how to buy your toxic brobot pack with the toxic groupbuy when it launches

when you place your order, if you would like to opt in for a chance at the brobot pack, please write in the notes, whether you would like either the topre or mx variant
if you get accepted, you will receive a separate invoice for these as well as being informed via pm prior to invoice going out


only 1 pack per order, no exceptions
if you are seen to sell or trade your bots prior to them shipping, your pack will be removed from your order and relevent money will be refunded
only paid orders will be eligible for the pack, shortly after you place your order, if you dont pay at checkout, you will be sent an invoice, if this is not paid within 7 days of the buy launching, you will not be eligible, this is to prevent people ordering just to see if they get a pack
your order must contain at least a tenkeyless set (alphas and mods)
people who get in to the bot pack, will be informed 7 days after the buy starts, once you have been informed, you will be invoiced, you will then have 7 days to pay, after that, your spot will move on to the next in line if your invoice hasn't been paid
anyone seen to be applying more than once or using any other method to increase there chances or get more than one pack, will be disqualified

sorry to put such rules in place, but these arent here to try and make things difficult, they are there purely to give as many people the chance to get in as possible, and prevent people trying to abuse the situation

aside from that

good luck

how to place an order?


--- Quote from: yuktsi on Mon, 03 March 2014, 08:18:53 ---how to place an order?

--- End quote ---

when the groupbuy launches, there will be a link to where you can order

the buy will most likely launch on wednesday

Wednesday UK time? Meaning at the turn of your midnight?


--- Quote from: Belfong on Mon, 03 March 2014, 08:22:58 ---Wednesday UK time? Meaning at the turn of your midnight?

--- End quote ---


we havent announced time yet

we will closer to the time

we are trying to get the site ready for people to be able to pay at checkout


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