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keycap profile demonstration props

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3 thumps up! I'm saving this thread.

Joey Quinn:
These are so sick, I would buy a set of them for a desk toy.  :thumb:


--- Quote from: Joey Quinn on Sun, 08 February 2015, 14:23:55 ---These are so sick, I would buy a set of them for a desk toy.  :thumb:
--- End quote ---
If someone wants one, I can make another batch of these. Note though that the waterjet time cost me about $150 (Im guessing I could cut that down by 30% with more careful design), plus about $30 for the steel and acrylic, and youd have to supply your own switches and keycaps. :-)

Anyhow, thanks everyone for the compliments!

If anyone has any questions/comments/suggestions/criticism, Id love to answer and iterate.

Im pretty busy this week and then Ill be out of the country for 2 weeks, but when I get back Im going to try to fix the buckling spring approximation, cut one approximating one column of the Maltron / Kinesis Advantage, and also make a couple to reflect my own design ideas.

I also bought a broken ($5) Apple aluminum keyboard, which Id like to chop a column out of and mount between acrylic.

Then the ultimate goal here is to figure out some kind of video setup, and take a short video of my index finger pressing various keys, to show what finger/hand movements are required for various profiles.

I want to write a proper website about keyboard ergonomics sometime. One page should be about keycap profiles, with those videos embedded, and ideally also a couple videos showing straight-down top view and diagonal view of the hands typing on a few different profiles. so the effect of the profile on the amount of hand reaching can be shown.

They look great. Did you make them primarily as a reference to show the different caps and their orientation, or to determine an ideal arrangement by hands on testing? If this isn't strictly an MX affair and you are interested, I'd be happy to donate some ML switches and caps for the cause.


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