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Hello from San Francisco

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Hi everybody,
We are young high school students with a passion for mechanical keyboards. This ambition drove us to design multiple key caps with colors ranging from pastel to modern palettes. Our brand is named Lilakis, a play on words with lilac (our team's favorite color!) and keys. We have already rendered a few key cap set designs and we hope to make this a reality! We decided to create our own keycap set. There will be an interest check soon, so be sure to be on the look out for lilac keycaps. We'll be open to honest feedback and good ideas in the future. We've also just started to learn how to use blender for renders so any tips at all would be helpful. We hope to get our project off the ground and contribute high quality products to this community.

Hi LilakisTeam. Welcome to Geekhack.

That's cool. I imagine you'll fit in great here. I don't put too much emphasis on caps myself, but you might want to post in the Making Stuff Together! section about Blender tips.

Hi! glad to be a part of this forum! Greetings from SF! I work in the online service university assignment help and write various written works for students (of any complexity - from essays to dissertations). I'm glad to be here and I will be glad to help

Hello, welcome to the forum!

Aye, those lilac key caps will look so beautiful for sure. At a resume writing services near me, they have this purple theme going on everywhere, and I suppose that keyboard will look bomb in that theme. Hope you guys get it made exactly how you want. Can't wait to have a look at it.


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