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The instant I laid eyes the OLKB's Planck it intrigued me, but only once I started making actual DIY keyboards i started to consider the actual construction goals and aspects.

As things go in this rabbit hole of a hobby, the only way was down...  :p

Once i started considering a build, it became very early clear to me that a "off the shelf" (bought ready to use) was out of question budget. Further, once at it, why not use this opportunity to explore further construction goals/opportunities?

Here the design goals:

1. Use Choc switches, allowing to use both Kailh variants for the same footprint: V1 and V2
2. Use more narrow switch footprint (initial run was 18 mm x 17 mm, but I am now considering 18 x 18 mm as the final design) - this scraps a LOT of keycap options, I know
3. Use a PCB only device, with 1.6 mm thick FR4 the stiffness of it might just be enough to do the trick
4. Use Type C receptacle (mid mount) to allow for most easy cable procurement while being tough as nails for longevity
5. Use ATMega 32U4 for ample firmware space yet modest price (well, that didn't an out so well in the end i know  :confused:)
6. No light or feedback on the device whatsoever, beside the switches - this is a darn input device, not a circus attraction  :cool:
7. Be attractive to the eye (picked blue solder screen, maybe i pick EING for the final run too?)

So far i got over the initial run, and boy was it a bumpy ride!

JLC did the job surprisingly well and at a bargain of the price (one unit clears at $18 sans custom and FedEx ransom and that is for a 5 units batch, SMD included!)

LOL only now i noticed the crooked diode (is fixed now BTW(

I picked the white clear MBK switch set for dye subbing it later...

Waited soooo looong for the choc switches to come from Kailh (great thanks for the more affordable shipping method :thumb:)

It was a repair-a-ton that day (okay, threee days with two sleep overs :rolleyes:)...

But it was worth it!

that is without a cable  ;D

Advances where made...

more info:;topicseen


--- Quote from: cest73 on Tue, 31 August 2021, 16:09:48 ---Advances where made...
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Very nice sublimation!
There are not a lot of choc-oriented boards aroud, and I will hope that it will change soon :)

I'm also experimenting with choc keyboards, but I chose to go wireless

It makes much sense to go wireless with choc in this age of portable keyboardless computers

Further progress report:

Next one might be outsorced, stay tuned  ;)

As i used really extreme 6px font size for the sub legends i would like to share the intricate detail and how it turned out eventually:

The photo was taken with a DSLR in a pro studio

I think the 6 px is absolutely the smallest size for anyone to go with labels.

Also the 3.5 minutes seem quite sharper than 5 minutes on the other PBT set i made.


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