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[IC] GMK Beige Addon & Extension - Vendors Announced

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GMK Beige Addon & Extension
As its name implies, it's beige. Why beige? Because beige is a pretty common colorway. Although I personally think it's boring, but it's great for this because you can find beige sets relatively easy to pair with this. I've been working on this along with DCS Vert for some time now, and I want to share it to you guys, and I also like to get some feedback on this. I know that I am running an IC for a DCS set in parallel, my actual plan is to run this after DCS Vert. But recently I saw that there're a few beige sets popping up, so I thought this would be useful to some people.

IC Form
Any feedback is appreciated.

United States: Mechs & Co
Canada: ApexKeyboards
Oceania: Daily Clack
South East Asia: Hex Keyboards
Asia/Worldwide: zFrontier

Material - ABS
Legends - Doubleshot
Colors - GMK L9, U9, CR, MG1, TU2, CV, DY, P3, V4, N7 & V2

40s Kit

R0&R5 Kit
*Note* R0 shinethrough keys are rendered in R1 because there's no R0 shinethrough model in Endeavour's file.

Addition Kit
Thanks to Laur for helping me get these Cherry logos, consider buying GMK Retro Runic to pair with this.

Image from GMK Rouge Thread, Credit Rayndalf.

Laur and I will be making a new mold for this with this legend for people to use.
We will use ANSI Enter stabilizer positions instead of ISO like what GMK has rn.
It would make it a lot easier to use on boards with fixed ANSI plate layout.

Bars Kit
For you guys who have banana spacebars.

2002 Kit
Poes from offered me to take over GMK 2002 -o-
Shout-out to pngu for designing this.

In fact itís CMYOPK, but yeah...

I don't have any fancy renders of it on boards because again it's beige, I'm sure you guys have some in your house. Also these renders are not 100% accurate, but I tried my best, so here are some pictures I've scoured for you guys to see how it looks irl. If you own any of these images and want it to be removed, contact me I'll happily remove it for you. Pictures

There will be no collaborations, novelties & deskmats.

Things to Address
Please read

* Some of you guys are worried that this set is going to be expensive, and I have something to say about it here. This set will be priced at a fairly high MOQ, and I am going to take little to no cut from this set to ensure that it is as cheap as possible, so people can get their compat. So I guess expect this to be priced lower than you thought.
Forced Alt Gr

* I like my Alt angry. Jokes aside, because this set has a lot of kits and most of it is big doing forced Alt Gr is the best option here. And this also makes this set compatible with Hineybeige.
Icon mods/HADapter & HADditionals

* Unfortunately there isn't any room left for that.

mcmcmc's den (Discord server) / mcmcmc#2382
Support this project by idk reply something to this thread, so more people see this I guess. Thank you for reading this IC.


* Update kitting.

* Added most vendors.
* Update kitting (CMYK).

* Too many updates.

Thank you for including vim arrows and big ass enter. Classy kit, GLWIC.

I'm a big fan, hope this gets a lot of support!  :thumb:

Lit. In for cmyk for sure.


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