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TMK ADB to USB keyboard converter

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I wrote ADB protocol decoder for sigrok for debug.

Sigrok ADB decoder
Cheap $10-20 Logic Analyzer that is compatible with sigrok works well for this job.

Get one and try. 1MHz sample rate is actually good enough for ADB protocol.
You can use this deocoder with sigrok PulseView to see ADB commands and data.

Updated firmware

- Address Resolution was implemented
- Improved hot-plug support

These offers better support for multiple devices on daisy chain.
You can use ANSI and ISO keyboard at same time, for example.

great work as always hasu!


Can you try attached firmware with devices that 'failed to move'?
    - Pioneer MPC-KB2
    - Kensington Optical mouse

With updated firmware Address Resoution was implemented and command timging is changed, so that the converter behaves as what Mac OSX does as possible now.
This can get better result with devices that fails to move to new address, perhaps.

 adb_usb_rev1.hex (61.71 kB - downloaded 34 times.) @8dee557


I'm sorry, i'm late, i had a lot of work.

I will try the keyboard this week


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