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Cherry MX "Ghetto Greens"

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Just did this on a Poker..damn it is STIFF!! Tired my fingers pretty quick..haha

Told ya it's a manly switch!

I did this to my Poker as well and I like it. I've also have some Clear springs on the way to try. ;)

I've been using ghetto greens for about a month now. It feels amazing and took awhile to get used to. I'm not sure if my fingers are buff or if I just didn't type enough but there wasn't any problem with fatigue. I feel less prone to typos too since its harder to press down each key. I think an even manlier key would be Dark Grey 36 springs. They're obsolete but someone told me I could get them on Deskthority. I kinda want to try to see how they are with blue stems.

Yeah. Messing with them now. I'm definitely not manly enough. :yield:

Basically anything with black or clear springs fatigues me too quickly.


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