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Good white paint?

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Long story short, I'm going to get some white keycaps (probably otaku or engraved) for my CM Storm Red, so the logos and crap look less intrusive.

I want to paint the stock keys with the LED windows as well, so I can keep the LEDs (I'll tape over the window before I paint them, obviously).

Does anyone know of a good set of keycaps that match a certain white paint? I'm sure someone's tried something similar in the past.


Don't ever paint your keycaps. Much wailing and gnashing of teeth when they start to wear, and they will wear.

You could just order an all white set from WASD keyboards and this would save you time and frustration.

Oh, meant to add - if you do go with white ABS keycaps the lights will show through just fine without needing a window.

And please don't call blanks 'otaku' :P

I think silit meant do we know of a good set of caps that will match the paint he's using to paint the case. I'd reccomend getting any good set of caps and then going to a hobby/craft store to find a good match for the paint. You could also do a vinal wrap around the board which would last a long time and look good.


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