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Plate mounted Poker. Recycling My Old RK-9000

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Lethal Squirrel:
Here is a simple mod I did in only a couple of hours. MUCH prefer the feel of plate mounted switches. Makes the poker feel like a mini Filco!  :D

Still messing with the case to get it to fit right. Its a hair off.
and I am missing my space stabilizer, so I really need to get one of those : )

wooo looks really good!

I want a plate mounted poker now :(

nice! what did you use to cut the plate? i've never been particularly good with either tin snips or hacksaws :X

Lethal Squirrel:
I used a jigsaw with a PVC cutting blade oddly enough xD

this is really amazing! how did you manage to cut all the switch slots so evenly


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