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Post Your Hello Caps! (previously EGGcaps)

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Hello Caps is the artisan keycap endeavor of Eggplanthero - he began his journey with EGGcaps on reddit about a year ago, debuting with the Plague Doctor sculpt. Now, he runs Hello Caps with the popular Bongo Cat and Schrodinger Cat sculpts.

You can find his sales on reddit and on Instagram -- see below: :cool:

Instagram Page 

Keycap Archivist Catalog -


I only own one cap among his repertoire -- a 420 sale-themed "Rosin Tech" Schrodinger Cat.

Please share all of your Eggplanthero/Hello caps here!

00100dPORTRAIT_00100_BURST20190311163000920_COVER by Brian King, on Flickr

DSC01572 by Brian King, on Flickr

Yes! Gamers!

Those cat skulls look really cool!

DSC01702 by Brian King, on Flickr

DSC01701 by Brian King, on Flickr

DSC01700 by Brian King, on Flickr


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