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Opinions on Razer?

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I actually don't mind their mouse. I tried other brands but have always switches back to what I've tried and tested. I think it's because I like wireless mouse play and ever since I have their dock, it makes charging and swapping between wireless Razer mouse pretty straightforward.

I also got their latest black mat (Strider) and really like it over my old mats.

I don't like their keyboards tho.

Their mice are well-designed, but their quality is not great. They kind of strike me as a company similar to Mad Katz, but with premium pricing.

I think their quality is better than it used to be. I like their mice.

They used to have some interesting shapes (Imperator, Lachesis, Copperhead), but they've offered nothing of use in years, and the build quality of their classic shapes has only deteriorated. Their software, even ignoring all the crypto-worries, is hot garbage compared to the competition.

Really, the only new-ish Razer product you should even consider in 2022 is a Lachesis if you've got big hands, for anything else there are a bunch of better options.

I've owned Razer products since I've had my very first PC. My opinion on their products now is that they make good mice while there may be some better options available depending on sales and users' needs. I do not care for their other products as they seem to be charging more of a premium price tag nowadays. I've owned Razer and Corsair headsets in the past... They cannot compare to my Beyerdynamic setup currently.


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