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Do you use your little fingers to type often?

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One thing while I learned while recovering from RSI was that using the pinky for one-handed-key-combos (including simple capitalized letters) is a sure fire way to aggravate whatever condition you have. Not only are you contorting your hand but also they are the weakest finger on your hands. For around a decade I didn't use my pinkies at all for typing and even now never use them for the modifier keys.

Always used all my fingers but now I'll never be able to stop thinking about my pinkies when I type, so... thanks for that :p

I don't know what I'd do without my littlest piggies!  :))
I learned to touch type with all my fingers, and when I play Fortnite I use my left pinky for no less than 4 actions. I've been touch typing for 37 years, and so far, no problems.

I'm not a proper touch typist but I do usually use my pinkies while typing.

I use my pinky fingers for the left-most and right-most keys, which includes the last column of character keys and some modifiers keys.


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