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--- Quote from: BRSxIgnition on Tue, 15 August 2023, 13:24:32 ---Very tempted but apparently Alexotos is having issues with doubletyping etc with the 2.4ghz connection.

Do you think this will be fixed for launch?

Also, is there an option for the badge at the bottom to be blank (without the logo)?

--- End quote ---
Thank you for your attention.  signal difference can lead to doubletyping. The aluminum shell has a shielding effect on signals. We solve this problem through an independent antenna. If there is doubletyping, we can adjust the receiver position to solve this problem. This technology has been widely used in the Orion87 project and I often use it to play games. In addition, Bluetooth's doubletyping will be much more than 2.4g. We recommend using 2.4g mode

Now this is a beautiful minimalist design, and when i say minimalist I mean the aesthetic style of minimalism (Too often I find people confusing something utilitarian as minimalist) with its wide open faces reminiscent of architecture and buildings that uses this philosophy on their wide open walls and surfaces. Reminds me of the Exent 65 and while i prefer its layout without a blocker I do love the the sharper angularity of this design more.


--- Quote from: Kevin-3992 on Wed, 03 May 2023, 10:10:51 ---Aquila

Aquila is a 60% wireless mechanical keyboard featuring an ultimate minimalist design and our proprietary tri-mode wireless solution.
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Layout and Design
Aquila adopts a 60% compact layout with 3U spaces on both sides, creating an unparalleled visual balance. After multiple comparisons and adjustments,
we have determined the most reasonable and aesthetic aspect ratio. Aquila has the same length as a 104-key keyboard but is narrower, which will not cause
adaptation issues or mouse compatibility problems. The only consideration may be desk space.
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Wireless Connectivity
Aquila is equipped with our proprietary tri-mode wireless solution which strengthens signal stability through a
separate external antenna design.
This solution has been continuously improved through feedback from Orion87 users to provide a fast, lag-free experience.

•Name: Aquila
•Modes: Wired, Bluetooth 5.2, 2.4G Wireless
•Size: 430x120x24-32mm  6.5 degree
•Material:Aluminum 6063
•Weight: 2.5kg
•Gasket mount + poron+PE
•VIA support
•RGB backlighting with 26 million colors
•Hot-swappable switches
•4000mAh battery

We are looking for a vendor partner. If you are interested in representing Kindlestar products, please contact me
Check out Aquila's color matching below for more details. Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification.
We aim to highlight Aquila's key features and design innovations to garner interest from Geekhack members and input for continued improvements.
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Photos  by  Ziyang
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Photos  by  Sasachi
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Photos  by  Val
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Photos  by  Liqi
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Photos  by  Tianyu

Contact US

IC FORM Geometry Dash

0815 Update:

GB will be launched from August 15th to September 15th, 2023

Planned to start shipping in December 2023

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Alex Live :

vendor list:

North America:

European Union:

Southeast Asia:


Australia and New Zealand:


Visit this page to view more GB information:
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The design is exactly what I wanted for a wireless mechanical keyboard. The color is simple but very youthful and luxurious, in the long run will not be out of fashion. Great, excellent, wonderful.


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