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Hello everyone, this is Kezewa Studio. Our first product, Enter67, achieved a great success and received praise from everyone. We believe that you have confidence in our workmanship. Today, we bring you our second product, Enter80, and we hope that you will like it.

The front design remains minimalist, with the addition of a decorative strip on the front end to add a sense of hierarchy.

The chamfered edge from Enter67 is continued below the spacebar.

The back is still a simple weight, certainly there will be multiple material and craftsmanship options available.

There are still up to 13 colors to choose from (11 anodized colors and 2 e-coating colors), so you can always find one to match for your keycaps.
More renders


Keyboard dimensions (Length x Width x Height)

Keyboard details(standard)
1.Case:6063 aluminum; Weight:copper(sandblast)
2.Decorative strip(choose from the same 13colors as the keyboard)
4.Pcb:Single-mode (1.2mm with flexcut or 1.6mm without flexcut)
5.Typing angle: 7 degrees
6.Mounting method: Gasket + Top
7.Pack bag
8.Plate stabilizers 4+1
9.Accessories:gasket sockets sockets、all kinds of cottons、feet rubber、screwdriver、dustcloth.
10.Ecoating edition add 15 USD

Keyboard extras:
1、Weight:①Stainless steel(sandblast silver、black、and colouful)
②Stainless steel(PVD silver、black、colourful)
4、Extra Decorative stripe


More details will be released soon.

Join Discord:


yi first:
When will it be on the website? Looking forward to it :)

What is the price estimate?

I'd like to see a lot more layout flexibility. A solder PCB and universal plate for stuff like ISO, split RShift, and split BS would be really good - much more important than 6.25u bottom row I think.


--- Quote from: DirtyGingy on Sat, 03 June 2023, 23:47:50 ---What is the price estimate?

--- End quote ---
still TBD but maybe around 200 due to different configuration


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