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Extreme custom keyboards I found in a clothing boutique in Memphis...


Not where one would expect to find such things...

We were taking my daughter to visit a college in Memphis, Tennessee, and during our stay we wandered about a cute little shopping area in which our hotel was situated, Overton Square in midtown, when we found this cute little clothing and knick knack boutique that my wife and daughter loved (the latter walked away with a few French dresses). Anyway, while they were trying on clothes I was poking about the place and saw these four amazing (to my eyes) custom keyboards sitting on a shelf with a stack of business cards. The son of the owner of the store puts custom boards together - he's @thatoldtoby on social media.

The top right board with brown switches, White Freebird, was $325 as I recall and the price ranged from there, the top right U80a was $1,000, as I recall. I really wanted to walk away with the Freebird, but my wife was not on board, sadly.

What an odd place to find such a display. Also, the guy's mom had an amazing looking keyboard he put together with vintage style keys at her POS system on the back desk. I'm told her son will do custom builds.

I thought I would share.


Definitely unexpected   ^-^ I like the lead up to the reveal in the video for context.


--- Quote from: Coreda on Sun, 06 August 2023, 02:45:04 ---Definitely unexpected   ^-^ I like the lead up to the reveal in the video for context.

--- End quote ---

Hah, yea I felt a photo alone would not really frame the bizarreness of the situation, walking in there with my wife and daughter and wandering about the store while they went nuts over some French dress (which we purchased). I've been chatting with the man behind the keyboards online, since -- nice fellow!


The one in the foreground appears to be left-handed, too.

That is very cool!


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