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[IC] gwŷdd65 Wooden Keyboard (Final Prototype + TW Hinoki Edition Pics)

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--- Quote from: Space_Case88 on Mon, 06 November 2023, 13:50:06 ---really hope that this project comes through. I'm super interested.

--- End quote ---

Typing on the new prototype, will have more to share very soon :)

Final Prototype Photos:

Laser engraving needs some positional adjustment. The internal one (not shown) needs to be finalised as well, will share more pics once that's been done :)

Here's the TW Hinoki Epoxy edition, fully finished in all its glory :D

This is still a prototype so the logo placement and size will need some further adjustments. The final version will also have the channels underneath the wrist removed, so it should be one smooth surface below. Hope y'all like what you see :)

This is the first time I have seen the upper and lower covers of a keyboard made of wood. Although I don't think it looks very good, it is definitely creative, especially since the wood has textures such as growth rings. :cool:


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