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Parallax Keyboards:


Allow me to introduce myself...I am Danny, a keyboard enthusiast from the UK.
I have recently setup my UK based company, Parallax Keyboards Limited.
After being in the hobby for the past 3 years and moderating on discord for some well known and established keyboard brands, I have decided to take it upon myself to start designing and producing keyboards. Design is something that I have always been keen to learn in more detail and what better way than mixing two hobbies and interests together. I have loved designing this keyboard and have invested 100's of hours into this project but the sense of accomplishment and achievement far out weighs anything else.


Originally this keyboard was going to be designed and made for purely myself (I had no intention of releasing a GB), however after receiving some awesome feedback and interest from friends and fellow hobbyists I have decided to release my design to the world.
When designing this keyboard I wanted to create something that was simple, yet elegant and had a premium look and feel to it. I am hopeful I have been able to achieve this with the use of premium materials, intricate engravings, beautiful chamfers and angles which all correlate around the keyboard. 

So, I guess this leaves me with the pleasure of introducing you all to the Parallax Imperium TKL.


* F13 TKL keyboard
* WKL or WK variants
* Top mount o-ring system
* Case material: Aluminium
* Weight and accent piece materials: Copper or Brass
* Magnetized rear accent pieces
* 7 degree typing angle
* Front case height: 18.4mm (with bump-ons/feet)
* PCB's designed by Gondolindrim
* Solder and Hotswap PCB's available (comes with soldered PCB)
* Supplied with anodized black aluminium plate
* Supplied with daughterboard and JST
* Estimated weight (bare keyboard including weight, accent pieces and plate): 2.1Kg



(Shown in copper BUT will be supplied with anodized black aluminium plate)

WKL variant:

WK variant:



Base detail:


* Price: TBC
* Number of units: Aiming for 30-50 units depending on interest received
* Vendors: TBC (In contact with two at present)
* Prototypes: Manufacturer located and confirmed but proto's not yet ordered
* PCB design: In progress


What is a keyboard without some accessories?

Introducing the Parallax Imperium Wrist Rest:

(Shown with a copper front weight, however a brass weight will also be an option to match the keyboard weights)

Other accessories:

* Hotswap ANSI PCB's designed by Gondolindrim
* Parallax Artisan produced by Vkeycaps
* Range of other plate materials to be available (brass, carbon fibre, FR4)


For further updates and pictures with regards to this project, please feel free to join the discord server or Instagram page by clicking the links below:


wow this is very clean.

Parallax Keyboards:
It's nice to hear you like it. Thanks  :)

Looks really nice! Hi from the UK :)

Parallax Keyboards:
Appreciating the UK support, thanks  :)


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