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[IC] Hyper7 R4 - The 173% Keyboard

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The 173% Keyboard
In 2020 we launched the third round of the Hyper7 keyboard. A behemoth of a keyboard inspired by the Space Cadet keyboard. After 3 years we're bringing it back for a fourth round, with an improved enclosed stainless steel case, a carry handle, and a hotswap PCB. We'll also be aiming to overlap another GB run of Space Cadet keycaps for those looking to truly replicate the feel an aesthetics of the Space Cadet keyboard
New Layout!For this run we'll be offering a new more standard layout for the centre core of the Hyper7. Providing a more standard column stagger that people are used to, and a 7u spacebar.

The GB is now live! For more information or to purchase, please visit our store page here.
Product Page

Love it! looks a lot like the Saturn60 in terms of design. I assume you are collaborating and not ripping off their design?

This is the fourth round, the first came well before the Saturn. Not that they're very similar beyond being bent steel.

EDIT: Both owe a debt to the Decision Data 8010 console.

very old school,cool

Ive beeeeeen waaaaaiiitting! Big excite.

Terms of feedback, not in love with the handle aesthetically. Im sure its very functional. Just wish it could be hidden or of not installed there wouldnt be 2 holes. Mayne some type of badge instead?


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