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Brutal V2 60%

IC form available here
Product page/Configurator: here

Most recent update: Group buy live at each vendor
US: CannonKeys
OCE: Keebz N Cables
EU: Eloquent Clicks
SG: iLumkb
UK: ProtoTypist

The Brutal V2 keyboard family gains a new member - say hello to the Brutal V2 60%.
With unique finishes, carefully chosen colorways, and an even lower price made possible by group buys, the 60% variant brings a fresh take to a proven design.

Bold and Brutal.

With its bold bezels, angular tapers, and weighty, blocky look, the Brutal V2 series expresses aspects of brutalist architecture within an elegant, compact keyboard case.
Carrying forth the original inspiration from the Brutalist V1 series, Brutal V2 takes things further with an exterior completely un-interrupted by visible screws.

Engineered Internals.

The single-sided gasket mount cushions the heavy impacts on the underside, and transmits the acoustics through the top of the plate to the rest of the case to be amplified to their fullest potential.
Internal cast-zinc weights control the vibrations to just the right amount, while also completing the brutalist theme inside and out with its unique raw finish.
The self-aligning plate mechanism means your build assembles to perfection each and every time, regardless of prior build experience or skill.

Performance You Can Trust.

The Brutal V2 series carries its distinct styling and performance across multiple form factors.
If you're interested in other form factors, or want more specific information on the Brutal V2 family, please check the Brutal V2 page here.

60%-Specific Happenings.

There's a few things that are very different with the 60% compared to the already-existing 65% and 1800.

1. Sales method is group buy rather than in-stock.

While we love having the Brutal V2 series be an always-obtainable high-performance boutique keyboard, it limits the amount of colorways- and finishes-tailoring we can do, and the price ends up higher (they have to pay their rent after all).
With the group buy sales method, we're able to bring more uniqueness and vastly more customization to the 60% form factor, along with a much more accessible price.

One unique challenge with the 60% layout is that there's various preferences as to blockers - running things in group buy form makes sure that you can choose the option you prefer.

2. There's seven unique colorways - and you can mix and match.

Reaching beyond the traditional colored-top silver-bottom config of the other form factors, we've paired some unique and very intentional colorways for the 60%, designed to maximize the beauty of the design.
Taking full advantage of the group buy model, we're allowing everyone to individually choose the top and bottom colors from the full list below, allowing for tailoring the board to your exact preferences.

The finishes that are planned to be offered are as follows:

* Burgundy
* Sky Blue
* Dark Gold
* Silver
* Dark Grey
* Black
* Raw (un-anodized, very lightly finished)

3. We're offering a wide variety of options and parts.

Group buy means no worries of over-ordering extra parts - so we're offering some things that weren't offered in the past for the other Brutal V2 boards.
Combining the mix-and-match color options, case tops, plate options, foam layers, and add-ons, there's over 10,000 combinations of Brutal V2 60% - dial the board in to match your style and build as you please.

* Weights in zinc, silicone, steel, and brass.
While the former two are offered for the other form factors, the brass and steel options makes its first appearance with the 60% - designed to give a smoother, more refined look for those who prefer it over the raw cast zinc.
These new weights can also be dropped into existing Brutal V2 boards of other form factors - if you're interested, you can join just for these parts as well.

* Plates in FR4, Polycarbonate, Aluminum, POM, and Carbon Fiber.
Dial in your build to the exact configuration of your preferences with the material that suits your preferences the most.
For the 60%, we're sticking to full plates only - most people nowadays prefer to buy hotswap PCBs, and hotswap just doesn't work well with half plates.

* A 1.6mm hotswap PCB, and a 1.2mm solderable PCB.
The 1.6mm PCB is the original design of the board, designed to give a comfortable yet firm typing feel with the distinct acoustics the Brutal V2 series achieves.
The 1.2mm PCB will offer a slightly softer typing feel and somewhat more muted acoustics - if you're interested in changing up the sound, you might want to give it a try.
Both are flex-slotted with a single cut to balance impact absorption and comfort, non-mushy firmness, and acoustics.

* Foams, gaskets, daughterboards, and all.
Foam layers will be sold separately this time - if you have no plans to use them, skip them to obtain Brutal V2 60% at an even more accessible price.


Supported layouts:



Case tops:
Regular, WKL, corner blocker

Weight: Roughly 1.1kg unbuilt (alu plate, zinc weights)
Material: Aluminum case, weight and plate in whichever material you choose
Connectivity: USB-C via Unified Daughterboard
Front height: 17mm
Typing angle: 6.5deg

* US: CannonKeys
* OCE: Keebz N Cables
* CA:
* EU: Eloquent Clicks
* SG: iLumkb
* UK: ProtoTypistPrice: Starting at 250 USD, varies depending on configuration (choose your configuration here)


Proto photos, burgundy unit:

Additional renders not already covered in the IC:

Any chance for a 1.6mm solder pcb and will it be compatible with the ck bastion pcb?

Count me in. Super appreciate all of the options. I have a couple of questions:
1. Is the light blue similar or the same as that of the original r1 Brutal 60?
2. Will the steel weight be polished?


Ooooh I love that burgundy and copper color :-D

But are the PCB layout support images correct for the lower right shift? Usually you want the 1u on the right side.


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