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[IC] GMK CYL The White Devil - Samples 7/16

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Hello everyone and welcome to my newest IC for The White Devil.

I started watching the show after falling in love with the model kits. All the markings come from different parts of it. Like the arms for the mods, spacebar for the skirt(dippers), obviously the alphas for  the chest part of it. The numrow are the buttons from the cockpit. The main reason I fell in love was the customization and how much details a model kit can get. Itís truly mind blowing. That is what Iím trying to show here and my love for it. I hope you like the render simulating that classic scene from the show!

Right now I'm waiting on GMK sample, but I'm reaching out to 2 other dye sub manufacturers. It will all depend on the quality of that.

Let me know what you guys think!

Spacebar Kit? Yes or no? White or with design?

Mini update - 7/16
Top is Keyreative -pbt dye sub
Bottom is GMK - abs
This are 2 out of the 3 samples.

I really like both samples on its own right. GMK colors are in my opinion nicer. I think they did great both manus. I haven't picked the manu just yet. Let me know what you think.
Gmk blue needs a little fixing, but the rest are pretty spot on.

Discord: arq1999#1999
Join my discord

To my dear Wife

To Bingo, Vato, Luis and Vyn for all the support

To Angel because without him this wouldnt exist. He did the art and deskmat and please check out his amazing work!

To Pensa and Beesley for doing the Renders

Keyboard 1 - Werk One By werk.technica
Keyboard 2 - NDR Oku By NDR Designs
Keyboard 3 - Phidias By Bruno


+1 for more gundam themed things in this hobby but please change the name  ;D ;D

Whoa! GLWIC Arq. My son is a huuuge Gundam fan, so while I may not personally use this kit, I certainly would get one for him (and to support you of course)


--- Quote from: lampmk on Thu, 30 May 2024, 20:46:05 ---+1 for more gundam themed things in this hobby but please change the name  ;D ;D

--- End quote ---


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