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[IC] WIND X80 by wind studio


Hello, we are wind studio.
Today we bring our first keyboard of this year,wind x80,which is the fourth project under our X series.
It still continues the consistent design language of the X series,a minimalist concept that is simple and attractive,
and is given new elements and designs to make every line of the keyboard simple but not simple and more personalized.

Layout: 80% F13 TKL, WK/WKL version available
Material: 6063 aluminum case,aluminum/mirror stainless steel PVD weight block and badge,brass/copper/mirror stainless steel PVD weight bar.
Mount:PCB gasket,plate gasket,sandwich mount
PCB:1.6mm no flex cut,Wired hotswap pcb/Tri-mode hotswap pcb(2.4G,wired,bluetooth)/Wired soldered pcb.

1. Appreance
From the front,we choose the F13 solution,which is more symmetrical visually and supports WK/WKL top case.

We adopt a new bridge shape front accent piece between the function area and arrow area,which is also caps indicator light and you can turn on or off.

The new independent separated waistline middle frame design (different from the previous waistline which is the bottom case part)
 highlights the waistline to avoid bloat while providing more color matching options.

The back side outlet does not adopt the conventional design,the overall design is curved.

The independent weight is composed of two parts: a large weight block and a weight bar.
A variety of materials and colors are available. The collision of different materials makes the back more personalized.


Support pcb gasket and plate gasket on the same middle frame, one side uses for pcb gasket mount,
flip the middle frame 180 then the other side uses for plate gasket mount.

With extra sandwich mount plate can build sandwich mount, the sandwich mount plate is not only the plate but also the middle frame.

1.6mm pcb non flex cut.There are wired hotswap pcb,tri-mode hotswap pcb and wired soldered pcb available.
Wired pcb keymap on VIAL,tri-mode pcb keymap on VIA.

Foam kit(2mm poron+2mm hotswap poron+0.5mm IXPE+3.5mm poron+battery foam)

3.Optional available
①Case Color
11 colors available,WK and WKL available.
Some matching rendering photos:

②9 different front accent piece/middle frame/weight block available.The three part should keep the same color.

③3 different weight bar available

④Plate available

⑤Brushed stainless steel battery weight(0.235kg/pcs)

4.Package include:
1*Top and bottom case
1*Middle frame(for gasket mount)
1*Front accent piece
1*Weight Block
1*Weight Bar
2*Type-c daughterboard
1* Plate for gasket mount
1*Foam kit
1*Accessories bag
1*User guide
1*Carry bag
You need to buy extra sandwich mount plate if you want to build sandwich mount.

5.Price detail

6.Group buy information
Group buy time: estimate on July/August,determined on GB
Group buy payment: No limited quantity and limited time, payment on our vendor list.
Case material:6063alu
Typing angle: 7
Mount structure: Plate gasket mount,PCB gasket mount,sandwich mount.
PCB: 1.6mm no flex cut
Shipping:3-4 months

Check wind x80 product link on our offical website:

Join our discord and discuss anything!

*cricket noises*

Nice, could be interested  :thumb:

This looks fantastic. Love the back weight, super clean.

Weights to replace batteries is something everyone should do.  If people insist on making pointless wireless keyboards, then at least do this as well as offer wired PCB options, as it's a way of replacing the extra mass you sacrificed to accommodate the useless potential house fires you thought was a good idea :)   Having wireless on big heavy custom boards is silly if you ask me, but at least I can now have the weight it should have been were you not pandering to the budget crowd.


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