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Cherry crush

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Yea, I kind of figured it was around the size of the scorpius m10.

I've also always thought that I could switch from using W A S D when gaming to I J K L then it wouldnt really matter if the numpad was there.

hmm I'll have to see what kind of tax refund im getting (if any) and maybe blow it on this keyboard :P

That Filco is drool-worthy.  Xsphat, do you know what the final shipping weight was of that keyboard?  Did you have to pay any additional import tax?  I am sorely tempted by this keyboard despite the cost.

The original quote says 1300g, but I never received an updated shipping weight. In the end, it took me a total of 13 days to get from Japan to my fat hands and it ended up costing $165 American. It's worth it in the end, and in this case, I got what I paid for.

I just wanna join this topic... ^_^

As a taiwan citizen, I live closer to Japan than USA citizen. Hence it's comparatively easy for me to buy Japan keyboard. (Though they are made in Taiwan... LOL )

I have

1. FILCO FKBN 104ML (black switch with N-key Rollover function)
2. FILCO FKBK 104M  (brown swithch with the same NKRO funciton)
→ I tend to call N key rollover function as NKRO function.
3. FILCO FKBT 104 ML (black switch with Bluetooth function)

As for the weight, it's around 1.5 KG with the box.

I like the touch of FILCO FKBN ML more (light black switch with a steel board).

However, I also like cherry G80-3484 (brown swithch with black 2 shot keys) and Realfroce 103.

It's quite hard to quit cherry keyswitches. ^_^


Are you aware of any blue Cherry switch-equipped Filco's?

And...when are we going to see pictures of your collection?  :)


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