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--- Quote from: iMav;3347 ---skyian,

Are you aware of any blue Cherry switch-equipped Filco's?

And...when are we going to see pictures of your collection?  :)
--- End quote ---


As far as I remembered, there's a Filco 108 keys JP Layout keyboard equipped with blue switches.

Unfortunatedly it's a Japan Layout, and I don't collect any JP Layout keyboards.

(That's because the second hand price of JP Layout keyboard in Taiwan is extremely unreasonably cheap. Almost no one would like to buy one in Taiwan.)

Anyway, I do know a Seller in Shan-hai, Main land of china. He sells FILCO keyboard equipped with blue switches. Also it's a standard 104 keys US Layout, IBM standard Layout keyboard.

The only question is, I don't know how do the seller get that kinda of keyboard, because I haven't seen this kind of keyboard on DIATEC's website.

Besides, the price of that blue switches equipped FILCO keyboard is a bit high.
It cost 1259 RMB (about 177 USD), and you have to add the shipping fee from China to USA.

That's all I know.
Here's some pics of that FILCO keyboards with blue switches.
(I know the seller. Hope him wouldn't mind... ^_^)

That seller also sell FILCO keyboard in Red color. The price is also a bit high (RMB 1500, about 210USD)

Here's some pics

Hope these information is useful.......^_^

Does he "switch" the switches or what? If he does, he must switch the LEDs as well (green = blues).


--- Quote from: skyian;3371 ---That seller also sell FILCO keyboard in Red color. The price is also a bit high (RMB 1500, about 210USD)
--- End quote ---

That red looks pretty sweet.

I'm not overly concerned with the costs, I just need to know anyone who could mail me a KBtalking or a Majestouch.  I assume the KBtalking would function in the same way and be cheaper than a Majestouch, if the key-switches used are identical.  Having said that i'm sure there must be some quality differences in the overall construction.

There's more to a keyboard than the switches it uses. I have a feeling the KbTalking keyboards are more expensive than the Filcos.

But I can't for the life of me find any sort of official or company site on the net. At first i thought they were home-brew mods. Does anyone know where to get any real info on this company?


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