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--- Quote from: skyian;3439 ---
Anyway, I had a quarrel with the seller about years ago over one keyboard's selling on Taiwan's one Famous BBS called "PTT". From then on he said he will not sell me any keyboard, and he will not buy any keyboard from me.
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Sounds like a Seinfield episode.  :)

No keyboard for you!


--- Quote from: xsphat;3441 ---What does the PTT look like? I seen it mentioned on sites but I don't know what it is.
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PTT is a Bulleting Board System product
If you would like to go to PTT. you may try to enter those words on your XP system


Then you may see the entrance page of ptt.

PTT is a NO.1 BBS site in Taiwan. You may see there's always about 60,000 to 100,000 ID (if you regard one ID as one person, there's that many people on the BBS site) on this BBS site at the same time.

Surely there's are hundreds of different boards in this PTT. Hence you may choose boards you like to join or view their message.

Among those hundreds of boards, there's one board callled "Key_Mou_Pad". It's one of the hot web forums which we taiwan people talk about keyboard and mouse on.

As for the quarrel between I and the kbtalking seller..yap.. it's a long story and I could not make it short enough to write them all down here.

At least that's a conclusion... right... ^_^


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