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--- Quote from: rodney;3235 ---How is the build quality of the M10?
--- End quote ---

i know that what lambition says is warring, but mine is ok, really it's ok, not excellent but quite satisfactory. i opened it and the pcb looked as it should be - nothing like what's shown on the pictures.. i guess that the quality control has been at vacation for his batch...


--- Quote from: xsphat;3238 --- ... but it has these damned blue switches
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I really like the blues... I can't imagine any lighter feedback being at all satisfying.  

But, then again, I haven't touched the browns yet.  :)

cherry blues feel fine but the noise kills me (i only use my blue cherries when playing games so i cannot hear the keys).

I had an M10 for about a week and a half and had no problems at all. I also took it apart and the construction was fine.  I think that dude just got a dud or two (but who's to say you wont?).

I really want to get that Filco xsphat bought but $165 for a keyboard i know i wont like (because of the numpad) is just too much.  If only they made a model w/out the numpad and/or the arrow keys.  I mean really numpad has arrow keys and pg up/pg dn wtf is w/ all the redundancy!?!? ARGHHH

They do make a "mini" FKB100M/JB that may have the brown cherries, but it has japanese characters and extra modifier keys which may or may not be a problem. It still has a numpad too.  :)

Karlito, it's not like the Filco is a B-52 like the Model M:

It's the same size as just the keys on the Model M!

For another size reference:

With the M it was like the mouse was in a different county. The Filco isn't really a bad size at all.


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