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In remembrance: Smallfry aka Nathan W.

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My mouth and hands are barely connected to my brain. In Smallfry I often saw a younger me, but with more support and I yearned to give him the kind of community that would support his burgeoning genius.

Sorry.. need a moment again.

I remember the night before the Chicago meet that he was up texting me at like 11 pm. He was still building up someone's board and complaining that the SATs were cramping his style. He was going to show up late the Meet and he was bummed about it. I kept telling him to study and he was like no man, keyboards > SATs and I laughed so hard. He was dedicated in a way that I didn't understand at all.

I like to think in the last few months, I've come closer to understanding why he loved GH so much. And he was so involved here. He schooled me in so much about keyboard, computers, and was just a funny guy. Anyone remember his love of Taylor Swift? Dude showed up to the Chicago meet in a red Taylor Swift shirt. Ha...

I'm rambling and I'm sad...

What the hell... I always saw him here at GH, I loved his avatar. He was like a hero to me, in fact all of those who have 5000+ posts.

GH will miss you SmallFry :(

I'm sorry, I'm a total wreck right now. I may not be able to post coherently for a while.

May he rest in peace. :/


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