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[IC] ATLAS Macropad - Desk-mounted Macropad
« on: Fri, 23 September 2022, 16:58:23 »

Hi everyone, Breakpoint Industries is proud to present a project we’ve been working on for a while now, the ATLAS Macropad.
This sheet metal, desk mounted Macropad features unique PCB art and will not only improve workflow, but also add character to your desk space.

We’re a small, independent team consisting of Product Designer Joe and Electrical Engineer Josh (who you might know as w3bbo from the Eclipse Keyboard).

Please tell us what you think about the macropad by filling in the feedback form below.

The ATLAS Macropad will include these innovative and exciting features:

•   Fully customisable NFC integration
•   Hot Swap PCB
•   Per Key RGB
•   Rotary Encoder
•   USB-C
•   High quality, powder coated finish
•   Ergonomic angle
•   QMK / VIA Firmware

The product will be open sourced after the group buy period. This will include a repair guide, PCB files, and 3D CAD data.
We will also stock spare parts.

1 x Hot Swap PCB (Pre-Assembled)
1 x Front Plate
1 x Rotary Encoder
2 x Logo Sticker Sheets (White / Black)
4 x Screws (Mounting hardware)
1 x Adhesive strip



4 x MX Switches
4 x 1U Keycaps

The Atlas Macropad will ship in its signature Oynx Black, powder coated finish with stunning white PCB art on a contrasting black PCB.

We are targeting a price of around 70 USD (63 GBP/ 72 EUR) and will be doing an initial run of around 100 units.
The majority of manufacturing will be done in the UK where the team is based.
This will ensure better quality control, reduced emissions from shipping and much shorter lead times.



All options will be released after the initial group buy providing there is enough interest but will potentially include:

•   An anodised front plate
•   Any ideas you send in!

Feedback form – Please fill out!



Join our Discord to stay up to date on all our progress, get exclusive discount codes and be the first to know when the group buy goes live.

Please leave your comments below or reach out to us on Discord.

Joe / Josh - Breakpoint Industries

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Re: [IC] ATLAS Macropad - Desk-mounted Macropad
« Reply #1 on: Fri, 23 September 2022, 17:00:12 »

Thank you for your feedback so far

Thank for those who pointed out the similarity to the Pikatea’s line of Macropads, this was a complete oversight on our side.
We will completely redesign the front plate to something more unique, it will not ship as is - we’re not here to make clones

Things we’re also looking at

•   More switches
•   Clearance between the PCB and front plate

Things we want more feedback on:

•   PCB Art – Is this something you like?
•   North/South Facing Switches – What do people prefer?


•   Do people like the NFC integration?

Cheers, Joe / Josh
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Re: [IC] ATLAS Macropad - Desk-mounted Macropad
« Reply #3 on: Fri, 23 September 2022, 20:28:02 »
aside this being a almost carbon copy...

if the pcb is hot swap, what holds the pcb in place? wouldnt even the usb cable be able to just pull the pcb off the switches? in your renders it looks like the pcb is touching the front plate, shouldn't it be at least 3mm recessed? the rgb leds lights would leak out below and all around the switches and can the rotary encoder knob be installed so low and close to the plate?

and one more thing, why north facing switches?
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Re: [IC] ATLAS Macropad - Desk-mounted Macropad
« Reply #4 on: Sat, 24 September 2022, 00:57:12 »'s a horizontally flipped Pikatea with less keys, less options, a bulkier frame design, and a pcb that gives me even less clearance (and will probably get knocked loose at some point due to unsupported extension + hotswap) that's +/- $5 of the same price point from an unknown group vs. an established one.

Look, I'm all for market competition, but this is just plagiarism. Blatantly so, and I don't even own a pikatea so I've got no skin in this game.
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