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Title: Pockit - modular computer
Post by: F eq ma on Thu, 27 May 2021, 22:33:19
I ran across this project in the r/linux community a few months ago.   Thought it may interest some here.

Pockit home page @

A very good Youtube demo with Linux OS

Got me thinking if it would be possible to set up something similar with keyboards.   Have a base 60% board.  Then snap, via magnets, on a num row.  Snap on an arrow module.   Snap on a function row.   Snap on a full ten key, allowing it to be on the left or right side.   An embedded, auto flasher to re-flash firmware to some preset configs to help transition between module setups.   For example, remap that pesky escape/grave key placement.

Not really sure why one would want such a setup at the moment, but the community is not always purely efficient minded.  Sometimes things just need to be made…
Title: Re: Pockit - modular computer
Post by: foxieze on Fri, 28 May 2021, 06:48:27
Could be really interesting on a keyboard, especially for situations where you love your keyboard but it might be too big to travel with, for example. So you could use a full kbd at home but then mod it down to a 60%.