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The Yugo — a small, unassuming hatchback, regarded by many as one of the worst road vehicles of all time. (and with good reason) Yet, it holds a special place in the hearts of all of those who grew up somewhere in the former Yugoslavia.

GMK Yugo is the first community project by YugoMK, a young, growing community of mech keyboard enthusiasts from the Balkans / ex-Yugoslavia. And that's what it truly is, a community project. This means that we, the designers, will be taking no profits from the sales of the set, which in turn means lower prices for everyone. It also means that we've designed the set exactly how we would want it — by the community, for the community.

Taking inspiration from the Yugo GV Sport (GV stands for “good value” lol), a special “sport” edition Yugo that was marketed in the US in the 80's, we've decided to go with a nice, sun-faded yellow as the base color for the whole set. The crimson, orange and brown accents were taken from the GV Sport's signature stripe.

Read more about the idea and inspiration behind the set in the IC thread.

Click here to join the GB!

EU –
US – Kono Store
Oceania – DailyClack
Asia – zFrontier

The GB is open November 4th 2019 to January 2nd 2020.
Shipping is expected to start in May 2020.
GMK is currently under heavy workload and we are experiencing delays. Please bear with us. We will keep you posted.

Final Numbers

Base, Capitalism and Cabrio kits will be produced, along with deskmats and artisans.
Thank you to everyone who joined!

Kits and Pricing

Yugo 45 kit
The ubiquitous Yugo 45, the base model, the dad of all other Yugos. The everyman's car.
106 EUR / 119.99 USD / 174 AUD / 135 USD

Yugo 55 kit
Yugo 45 not enough? Need a heftier machine? Add a tenkey, and there you have it — Yugo 55. What a beast.
39 EUR / 49.99 USD / 72 AUD / 55 USD
Kit didn't meet MOQ.

Capitalism kit
yugo can into western market? Sure can, and so can you with the Capitalism kit!
34 EUR / 29.99 USD / 52 AUD / 35 USD

Zastava kit
We commemorate the company that gave us Yugo with our YU Cyrillic alphas kit, the first of its kind.
46 EUR / 59.99 USD / 87 AUD / 60 USD
Kit didn't meet MOQ.

Cabrio kit
Need more space in your Yugo? Pop your sunroof open and give our Cabrio kit a try!
28 EUR / 34.99 USD / 51 AUD / 36 USD

Artisan by Salvun
The classic Yugo hood emblem brought back to life in the form of a cerakoted aluminum keycap.
54 EUR / 54.99 USD / 80 AUD / 55 USD

Relive your childhood and navigate your way around Yugoslavia with this toy-car–inspired deskmat.
18 EUR / 16.99 USD / 25 AUD / 18 USD


Westfoxtrot Cypher
Yugo 45 + Yugo 55 + Cabrio

Noxary 280
Yugo 45 + Capitalism

Dixie Bauer
Yugo 45 + Zastava + Capitalism + Cabrio

Smith+Rune IRON165
Yugo 45 + Zastava + Capitalism + Cabrio + Artisan

GMK Yugo uses custom colors from the RAL Design series.
Alphas and mods: RAL 090 90 20
Legends and accents: RAL 030 30 45
Spacebar stripes: RAL 050 50 60, RAL 030 30 45, RAL 040 20 19

Credits and Shoutouts

Design: ADRO3, audiosl4ve , darko, Emir, konstantin, spakecdk
Renders: MacSurfy
Artisan: Salvun
Cyrillic legends: T0mb3ry
Awesomeness: NecromanX and NecrowomanX

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we made it to GB.... WOOHOOOO

Good luck!
ˇBuena suerte!
Срећно! / Sretno!

Hey guys, we're live! All of the store links should be up by the end of the day :)

In the meantime, here's some awesome GMK Yugo fan art by @kinterra_ over on Instagram!


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