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Group Buy Closed

Thanks to everyone for the huge support.

We've had to close the GB a week early due to the huge support we've had. I felt it was better to limit the number now rather than suffer with being able to deliver later. I hope everyone understands.

Sign up for extras:

Through-hole 5x12 ortholinear PCB for 60% tray mount case

* Ortholinear PCB for 60% tray mount cases
* Designed to be easy to build with minimal soldering experience.
* All through-hole components, no SMD soldering required.
* Get that visible component aesthetic in a standard 60% tray-mount case.
* 5x12 (split Preonic) layout, full grid or 2x2u spacebars
* Supports both USB Mini and USB-C.
* Plateless or with FR4 switch plates.
* $22USD / 18EUR + shipping

I love my Planck's layout but just sometimes wish I had a numrow...
...and I love my Plaid's through-hole aesthetic but just sometimes wish it had a more premium feel...
...and I love my Let's Split's more comfortable ergonomics but just sometimes I find the having separate halves inconvenient.

And so the Lumberjack PCB was born. Through-hole visible component aesthetic, DIY build it yourself fun, standard 60% case support, split ortholinear layout.

More info:
Geekhack IC thread:

Group Buy details:

* Group Buy open until 28th March
* Paypal invoices will be sent after that date for non-NA orders
* Kit production time expected to take 8 weeks after all invoices are paid
* USB-C connector and FR4 plates are an optional extra
* Microcontroller will be pre-flashed by myself with a bootloader and QMK firmware
* Kits will be shipped via PostNL from The Netherlands or from ThocKeys in Massachusetts
* Delivery times are expected to be long due to Covid, I'm expecting to have kits complete and ready for shipping in June
* Weekly updates on progress in the Geekhack GB thread
* Detailed build guide will be updated with images once I've built a test PCB from the production run:

Thanks for your support!
Any questions, drop 'em below.

Do you get both connectors, if you decide to upgrade to type c?


--- Quote from: ravermeister on Mon, 15 March 2021, 13:35:03 ---Do you get both connectors, if you decide to upgrade to type c?

--- End quote ---

Yes, the kit will come with the mini USB connector even if you choose the USB-C add-on. The PCB supports both.

TBH I soldered my first USB-C in testing for this project and it wasn't anywhere near as difficult as I'd expected.

I am not a smart man, will this work with any 60% tray mount case, like the bumper for example?


--- Quote from: anatworkaccount on Mon, 15 March 2021, 15:43:13 ---I am not a smart man, will this work with any 60% tray mount case, like the bumper for example?

--- End quote ---

It is designed to the same specs as the GH60, so it should fit any tray mount 60% case. Something to be aware of however i that it will only use 3 of the 6 mounting posts due to the switch positions which may or may not be an issue.

With a 4 mounting post case like the Bumper, you could find that without the middle post or supports around the edge of the case, the PCB wants to pivot downwards at the front. The PCB has only been tested in 6 post cases. You could of course fill the case with foam to add support to the PCB.


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