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AM HATSU - Alu Dactyl-manuform Keyboard?

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--- Quote from: twohands on Tue, 27 April 2021, 08:47:44 ---Looks awesome! 100% would buy.

--- End quote ---

You can find preorder  here

make your bank account ready for this: 1280$ for preorder for the 100 firsts then it will be 1600$

that looks really sexy, but that price is not anywhere where i would consider sadly.

also weight is no problem. the IMK corne is also from alu and ppl still say its to light.

The HYPE is real. It is looking phenomenal and I believe many will be disappointed that they didn't get in on pre order.

There's so little detail about this product that as of now, there's only hype and no substance. Definitely not disappointed about missing out at this price point, especially since what little we do know is that it'll come with pre-soldered switches and use proprietary software.

The design looks amazing! I'm definitely interested!


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