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My Roccat XTD of 7 years was pretty much unusably worn out, so I purchased a used one, two actually (they are no longer made).  The previous user had replaced the feet with PTFE stick-on dots.  I have never seen this done before.  I like the way that it feels and glides.  These a kind of misshapen and uneven, but I may experiment with these.  Has anyone else ever done this when the original mouse feet were not available?

Also, he had placed an adhesive grippy strip on the side of the mouse which I am actually loving.  It's called "Lizard Skins" and there are lots of varieties, but this one  is meant for wrapping lacrosse sticks.  I just purchased a roll and I'm gonna use it on some of my other mice that don't have grip- including a Deathadder and my Pure Owl Eye.  This is a game changer.

Never used it on a mouse, but I used to have some Lizard Skins tape on my lacrosse stick and on my bike handlebars. Unreal grip, felt so good! Unfortunately it just became too expensive to replace in AU. Great product.

Love the idea of the PTFE as the mouse skates, would be really interested in trying that out for myself once the current skates I have wear out.

I never used PTFE stick-on dots. I am curious to see how long they last. Keep us posted!


--- Quote from: kizuna on Wed, 16 June 2021, 09:56:24 ---I never used PTFE stick-on dots. I am curious to see how long they last. Keep us posted!

--- End quote ---

I want to reiterate how great the Lizard Skins is.  I've applied it to my Roccat Pure Owl Eye.  I didn't use it much because it was ultimately too small and too slippery.  It is now super grippy, but using the tape also changes the dimensions as well as it will feel larger in your hand.  This is now my favorite mouse, beating out the Kone XTD.  I'm going to experiment with applying tape to different areas of the mouse, but placing them on the sides as well as the where your first two fingers as well as where your palm rests all improved the feel of the mouse.  You can also use different colors and spend as much time as you want cutting the tape as neatly and accurately as possible.  The tape I used on the top I already had some pieces of tape so I applied them, but I am going to cut new strips to fit better.

I am going to try this on the Deathadder next.  I can't stress enough how much this improved the mouse for me.  I have a few other mice I wanted to try because I have yet to find the perfect mouse, but I'm now content (though there are still a few I want to try.
Next I am going to upgrade the click buttons. 


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