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Keyboard: Polaris by Ai03
Welcome to GMK Nord group buy is active from June 10th 2020 to July 10th 2020!

Hello everyone and welcome to the GMK Nord groupbuy. After many delays, we're finally launching the groupbuy!

Link to the GMK Nord IC

MOQ reached on base
MOQ reached on novelties

MOQ reached on base
MOQ reached on novelties
MOQ reached on norde
MOQ reached on spacebars

MOQ reached on base
MOQ reached on novelties
MOQ reached on norde
MOQ reached on spacebars
MOQ reached on Numpad

If nord follows our predictions, all kits will reach moq. If some kit doesn't reach moq, it will be bought out. Artisans and deskmats have no moq.

Thank you for supporting Nord!


Concerning GMK Nord updates: I'm sorry for going radio silent for a long time. From now on, I will focus on weekly updates every saturday.

Samples: Due to miscommunication with gmk,  I received samples of very old colors. R2 has been requested with up to date ones, so these ones aren't very representative of Gmk Nord. The alpha and mod
colors are especially different. The only color that stayed the same is the green.

Deskmats: R1 samples have been rejected, as they weren't what I envisioned them and I am awaiting r2.


* EU: Candykeys
* NA: MKultra
* Canada: Deskhero
* China: CN:ZFrontier/EN:ZFrontier
* Australia: Daily ClackDiscord server for more frequent updates/communication:

Base Kit
The base kit covers most popular layouts (60%, HHKB, 75%, 65%, TKL).

Spacebar Kit
This spacebar kit is like any other spacebar kit, but also supports split keyboards.

NorDe Kit
The NorDeUk kit adds support for these languages: Norwegian, British, German, Danish.

Numpad Kit
The numpad kit was separated from the main kit to improve affordability, but maintain compatibility if anyone wants to outfit a numpad.

Novelty Kit
The novelty kit contains icon mods, vim arrows and nord novelty keycaps.

Assembly Kit
This kit was made with compatibility in mind. It supports most 40%, ergo and ortho boards.


Keebwerk Artisan keycap

More will be added soontm

Keyboard: Polaris by Ai03

Keyboard: Cygnus by Pheonixstarr

Keyboard: Abacus by SomeGreekGuy (unreleased)

Keyboard: Planck by OLKB

Keyboard: Boardwalk by MKUltra

Keyboard: Cygnus
I'd like to thank everyone for sticking with us through the IC and everyone who gave the set feedback. I'd like to encourage people to criticize and give feedback to others too, as in my experience, it only makes the sets better. Thank you.

Approved :thumb:

pog, gl


Please and thank you.


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