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--- Quote from: kronograf on Wed, 04 October 2023, 02:18:03 ---Still havenít received the keebwerk artisan either. Best GB ever.

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Incase the info didnt reach everyone.
Artisans were shipped out a few months ago to the vendors


--- Quote from: DarKou on Tue, 03 October 2023, 03:25:02 ---
--- Quote from: the_onlyhope on Mon, 28 August 2023, 01:28:59 ---Did anyone receive their GMK Nord sets with Deskmat from Candykeys? I see it in-stock on their side  :(

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Last news from Candykeys (11th september) :

--- Quote ---Hey DarKou, not long until its done, I will inform when you have it coming.
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But.. nothing since...

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And... still waiting ><



--- Quote from: kronograf on Thu, 02 November 2023, 08:53:52 ---

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Was gonna post this but someone already did, don't think it needs to be said but chargeback immediately.

I'm just disappointment that he still allowed in stock orders, despite knowing that he couldn't fulfill them (at least that's what I took out of this). I do think it was health issues combined with his already spotty track record that started this mess, but maybe he thought he could make money off them, turning it into an exit scam.

Hopefully people can get their money back.

Apparently Erik has been more active in the designer's server for nord more than his own server and uhhhh yikes. Its no wonder he said no vendor wants to work with him. Alot of his messages show him being an *******


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