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ghetto cherry browns from cherry blue

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if you have a cherry blue board and are tired of the "click" go make ghetto cherry browns.

cherry blues are basically just clicky of cherry browns (except for the 5force difference)
start by locating the 4 tabs on the switch, 2 on each side

i made this tool it was a $1 tweezer, idk where i got it from, just bent some pins and you can "rock" it into the tabs on a soldered board and pop open a cherry.

here's the only physical difference between a brown and blue, the blue has the split white thing it "clicks" upon the leaf spring releasing and there's your sound.

so simply just glue the white thing to the top of the blue stem and you have ghetto browns no more noise

why this mod? may ppl bought a blue cherry and now regret the noise, and don't want to desolder blue cherrys and replace with brown cherries.

or ppl want to make other switches.

Ripster says a black spring and brown stem=ghetto cherry red so you can have fun with that too.

Great idea, and perfect for people buying Blackwidows or Rosewills, and don't have an option to buy Browns!
Does the feel vary between these modded blues and browns? Isn't there a difference in tactility? Also, I thought the springs between blues and browns was different?

The tactility of the browns and blues are definitely different, at least to my untrained fingers and supported by the graphs that have been floating around. I wonder if this mod changes the feeling of the blues?


--- Quote from: Arcanius;253381 ---I thought the springs between blues and browns was different
--- End quote ---
This post supports that statement. And the article doesn't deny it, too.

take note the tactility is probably also including the "clack" from the noise. felt the same to me, i only gorilla glued one switch so it's not like i tried a whole sentence. it is gonna be a mod for life, unless you can slice it off and even get rid of the glue residue. Maybe a tiny drop on the corner is all you need. Depends on your glue of choice.


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