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Cherry MX Key Pulling and Swapping Guide

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thanks ripster.
very very nice guide~
geek hack is really on the top for mechanical kb article.


This happened to me once.
I managed to yank the whole stem and keycap out.
The keycaps was stuck so tight on i need a screwdriver to separate the keycap from the stem.

Thankfully i manage to push the stem back in...

edit: Mine were Cherry Brown

Hi Ripster,
great article. I had the same problem as above with the ESC key on my G80-3000 with blues - probably due to the fact that I removed the key caps only with a screw driver from one side. Thank god the switch still works. Just put everything back in place and good.


Nice guide. Just worried about replacing the ISO enter key really. Does anyone know where the stabilizers are?

Thanks Ripster!

It was very usefull to replace for first time my Noppoo Spacebar and backspace.


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