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[GB] GMK Evil Dolch 😈 Final Numbers!

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Welcome to my GMK Evil Dolch Group Buy!

Hey everyone! S3LQ here, hoping everyone is doing good in this pandemic, I am at least holding up. I recently joined this hobby and think this is great! Love how welcoming the community is, and how helpful people are! So since I've basically been stuck here in my home in Norway, I thought why not combine my 6 years experience of designing and try to design a keycap set and even some deskmats!

Groupbuy will last from July 22nd to August 28th. Shipping is estimated to be Q2 2021

Where to buy?

Custom Coiled Cables with Aviators:
GSK Velites Artisan will be raffled August 9th and open for 24hrs window!: Golden Star Keycap

Interest Check Thread

I see a lot of designers bringing inspiration from a certain theme, for me, it was quite different. I do obviously have inspirations, but not inspirations I thought it would be cool to design the theme around. So rather I chose a name. I wanted to design a set called "Zoom", I thought it was a great name and I just kept on designing after the name. After posting the IC I got a lot of feedback about the name. And after reading through a lot of you guys' feedback, I figured a name change was the move. I wanted a fitting name for the colors and novelties. So I chose the name, Evil Dolch! 

[Core] Module

[Novelties] Module

[Space Bar] Module

[NorDeUk] Module

[Deskmat] Designs

[GSK Velites] Artisan

Raffle is done! Congratz to all the winners!

[Custom] Cables

I've collaberated with Swiftcables and we've made 4 different custom coiled cable variants with colored aviators that's matching GMK Evil Dolch! We have 2 different paracords, Black paracord with black tech-flex and Red Camo paracord with carbon tech-flex. Both paracords will come with a coil and a colored aviator where the customer can decide between red or black! These cables will be sold through:

[Colors] Used

Color Accurate renders by Walker
All renders are of the Iron 165

Renders by Oldcat
All renders are of the Think 6.5 V2.

Updates we've done
- Updated Core Module to have Alpha Coloured Pipe key
- Updated Space Bar Module to include an extra "B" key
- Updated NorDeUk Module to include the missing UK keys
- Improved lightning in a few renders
- Updated name from GMK Zoom to GMK Evil Dolch
- Changed Branding
- Updated new red to RAL 3004
- Updated new white to RAL 7035
- Updated NorDeUK module
- Updated Base module
- Added all needed keys for NorDeUk kit
- Added a 1.25u key to space bar kit
- Changed to GMK Stock colors
- Updated ESC Novelty
- New kit renders
- New board renders
- Changed icon from "Warning" to "Evil" icon on deskmat 1
- Added more color accurate renders


Special thanks to:

Balloz for great ideas and feedback
Snurrebassen and Oldcat for amazing renders
Full for teaching me about the process of making a keycap set
The Norwegian Keyboard Community!

You can support this project by adding the following BB code to your signature! Thanks

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Thanks a lot!  :-*

Are R1 pipe/backslash and R4 angled bracked in mod colour still a thing?


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