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Thoughts about the new Steam Deck?

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Seems like a really cool idea, just like the GPD Win 3, but more budget-friendly and the marketing of Valve.
I reserved the cheapest model.

Feels like a product for Mac users who'd want to play PC games without buying a PC, but I dunno.

I wonder if the thumbstick placement is comfortable. I suspect that they think people are going to switch to using the trackpads instead.

If it has an opened bootloader and allow for other distributions or windows i think it would be great, otherwise it will be a landfill filler in a few years.

It sure worked for NVIDIA, oh wait...


--- Quote from: noisyturtle on Sun, 18 July 2021, 13:15:20 ---It sure worked for NVIDIA, oh wait...

--- End quote ---
I believe the problem for NVidia was mainly that software library consisted of existing mobile games for Android, which had been made to run fine on phones and tablets that were cheaper than NVidia's.
The NVidia Shield probably led Nintendo to select NVidia for the hardware in the Nintendo Switch and that is a huge success - so I think you could say that was a net win in the end anyway.

Valve has a big software library, but it is very PC-centric. I hope the games for the Steam Deck won't require too much text input, and that there is a good on-screen keyboard solution for the games that do.


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