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Woop woop!

TP, Geekhack online deathmatch?! :D

Wulp. There goes my weekend

I mean, great, but this looks and plays EXACTLY the ****ing same as OG Quake using a mod pack. Like, I use Dark Places and Quakegasm, and cannot see any performance or graphical differences at all. This is probably WORSE since mod packs are continuously worked on for like 20 years. I don't understand the point of this existing since modders have already created I can only assume far superior mod packs for running OG Quake.

All this is is a way to get stupid people to rebuy it.

I was going to say. I haven't watched this trailer yet.

But Darkplaces + HRP + maybe DPMod gives you quite a graphical experience, especially with RTLights.

There's also some standalone implementations of Darkplaces and some custom texture packs + modern water that are really nice, and scalable to your setup.

But a factory standard remaster could be good for multiplayer. Quake is very multiplayer / multiplatform friendly, but having it all standard could ease setup. And if it has 4-player local co-op like it looked like in the trailer when I skimmed over it, that would be really cool.

But yeah, a factory-standard remaster removes a lot of the customization that makes graphical modpacks fun for Quake. And you don't get to use the really inspired retro ports like Qbism Super 8.

Yeah that's true. This will be great for multiplayer since you don't need to setup a private server to do so.

I did a direct comparison with Quakegasm and Darkplaces to the new trailer just now and graphically there is no improvement. Even framerate seems the same. I can't imagine that this will be better than something that has had direct community input for 2 decades though unless they are using source code from an existing mod pack.


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