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Shapey Fiend:
I kind of like Quake II even if it's not quite as good.

Dusk is brilliant in every way. I've finished it twice kind of want to play through it again.

Got HROT the other day it's not half bad.

The Valve remake of Quake 1 I was thinking of is Deathmatch Classic or DMC. Apparently it's famously inactive I remember there being plenty of players..

I need to try that Dusk you guys keep talking about it.

Yeah, Dusk is a kind of 'sequel to Quake that we needed' but didn't get, as noisyturtle said.

In terms of content, it's not really like Quake. But the graphics kinda feel like a Quake sequel.

Really, it feels like a mish-mash of things. Quake, Blood, Redneck Rampage, Hexen II, Rune. Mostly Blood, though.

You can see where I'm going with this. It has the vibe of the immediate post-Quake era, when FPS were becoming full-3D and experimenting with coloured-lighting. So the Quake to Half-Life era, in particular. Kinda PS1-ish, like a higher-res "Broken Helix" or PS1/N64 Doom or something.

phinix - I saw that you got a TKL. I'm sure it's good. I just received an NCR-80, which is like an $80 TKL [plus shipping], as it mimics the old Cherry way of doing things [plastic build and plateless]. Hasn't been built yet.

So good to see Blood mentioned. Hands down my favorite old school shooter, and being a Build Engine game makes it even better. Everything about that game is so tightly designed, the movement feels great, the physics are almost perfect, the enemy mixup is (for the most part) great.

Blood, Dusk, and Quake share that same vibe of Eldritch cultist sort of based on reality level design that gets more otherworldly as you progress in the game. There's just something both familure and alien about those settings that really appeal to me. In those aforementioned games the lo-fi graphics actually aid and lend to the overall atmosphere, since things are just a bit less defined, your imagination is able to fill in what's not being seen. Think about when you first encountered a Shambler in Quake, the way you interpret and imagine it in your mind is a bit different for everyone.

Yes. In fact, I think that the Quake devs said that they knew they had something special the first time they ran a 3D test and watched a Shambler stumble around a level.

Dusk seems like a sort of 'Blood 2,' in terms of setting and gameplay. Not that of the canonical 'Blood 2,' but more what you would expect from an immediate follow-up from Blood in the Quake engine.

Doom in particular had an 'abstract' level design that lent itself to player imagination. This was lost somewhat with Duke Nukem 3D. But I agree that Blood was spectacular for what it did in the Build engine.


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