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Shapey Fiend:
Finally a computer case that doesn't look like every other computer case, to a degree. Wish we had more variety of aesthetics. There's so much cool music making hardware out right now that looks really satisfying, with clicky buttons, dials, HUDs and indicator lights. I guess the difference is those products cost a lot of money whereas computer cases are highly commoditized.

It's like sff, but not implemented in a weird not the best way..
Not sure if I'm a fan of it. Seems a lil stupid to me.

That is interesting, years ago I toyed with building a "steampunk" case out of wood and copper.

But the problem is that the computer case is invariably something that I want to kick back out of the way under the desk.

I always loved TE's aesthetic. It kinda like 70s industrial meets Swedish modern design.

Looks like it'd have poor thermals. A few over on the SFF forum also pointed out the very limiting CPU clearance.

There are any number of better (functionally) designed SFF cases out there but also a range of similarly style over function cases (particularly from China). It would only be if someone really liked the aesthetic that they'd chose this over others I feel.

In terms of an excellent, well-made and thoughtfully considered case that also comes flat-packed there's the FormD T1 (sub 10L). For something cheaper, decently built, widely available and comes in the same color there's the Cooler Master NR200/NR200P in Sunset Orange (18L).


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