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[GB] Moesode Bliss TKL - Sold Through
« on: Mon, 01 March 2021, 23:35:04 »

Featuring OTD-esque design cues in the side profile and the overall top shape, as well as taking it to a calmer and less flashy approach.
Bliss features the DK Saver layout giving us the F13 key, as well as making the spacing equal on the entire top row of the board.
The board features a comfortable typing angle clocking in at 5.5 degrees and the beloved gummy worm o-ring mount.

Slightly altered from the Bliss LE design fixing issues that are apparent in o-ring mounted boards similar to this.
We allowed for room for the o-ring to sit around the spacebar stab in which used to prevent the case from closing previously.
We also went away from the poron strips we used as the feet, and switched to 3M bumpons (SJ5302 specifically), as they tended to fall apart while being moved on deskmats often.

Sales will be taken from my website! It will open to the public March 20th, at 12:00pm EST. (Postponed from 3/13 to 3/20 due to some problems with my move)

Price: $450
Units: 100 pieces
ETA: 4-5 months

Extra Prices:

PP/Alu Plates: $40
Brass Plates: $50
STS/Brass Badges: $15
PCBs: $45

Mounting: Gummy Worm O-Ring.
Colors: Pink, Blue, Silver, and Black.
Materials: Aluminum Case, Internal Brass Weight, Brass/Stainless Steel Badge.
Typing Angle: 5.5deg ( EDIT: I have no clue why I kept thinking it was 6.5 degrees and have no updated it to its true angle )
Front Height: 17.8mm

Top Options: Winkey and Winkeyless.
Plate Options: Polypropylene, Aluminum, and Brass. Universal Half and Full Options.
Layout Support: ANSI, Tsangan, and WKL Bottom Row Support. Left and Right Split Shift. ISO Support.
PCB: Custom PCB by Evy, 1.2mm USB C, VIA/QMK Compatible, Custom Pink Pantone Matched Solder Mask.

Sound test of my own personal build that I have been using for a bit now.
Using Cherry Blacks lubed with GHv4 using Gat Yellow springs built on a half polypropylene plate.
Keycaps are OG doubleshots.

Color Guide, Builds, and Color Renders.

Picture of what final pink, blue, and silver colors will look like.
I currently do not have a black board on hand to show for comparison.

Builds from the Bliss LE GB from early on in 2020.

These renders are to give a vague idea of the colors.

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Re: [GB] Moesode Bliss - (opens 03/13)
« Reply #1 on: Mon, 01 March 2021, 23:38:20 »
3/23 - Sold through and closed webpage. Basic changes to orders will be allowed until Friday. I will begin tallying final numbers and get it over to my factories for payment.

3/28 - Both factories have been notified of final numbers, and are getting over their final quotes to me.

3/31 - Both factories have production arranged.
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Re: [GB] Moesode Bliss TKL - (opens 03/13)
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Re: [GB] Moesode Bliss TKL - (POSTPONED TO 3/20)
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lets go